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Musical Instrument

Air Inuit accepts properly packaged musical instruments as either checked or carry-on baggage, depending on its weight, size and shape.

In carry-on baggage

Seats cannot be purchased for musical instruments, however small musical instruments (e.g. clarinet, flute, oboe, trumpet, guitar or violin) may be permitted as part of your standard carry-on baggage allowance as long as it meets the current Air Inuit Carry-on size requirements and :
  • They are in its hard-shell case for appropriate protection.
  • They do not weigh more than 5 kg (11 lb).
  • They fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.
Due to cabin storage space limitations, we cannot guarantee that a musical instrument can be accommodated on board. Storage is provided on a "first come, first serve" basis, so it is always a good idea to arrive for boarding early.

Your instrument may need to be checked at the gate and transported as checked baggage if the airport agent or cabin crew determines that it cannot be safely stowed in the cabin. For this reason, musical instruments should always be properly packed in a hard-shell case specifically designed for that type of instrument. 

A musical instrument you take on board will count as part of your carry-on baggage allowance, as either a personal or standard article (depending on the size and dimensions of the instrument).

In checked baggage

We know how important your musical instrument is to you, and we'll treat it with special care. If you are checking in a large instrument, please allow some extra time so that it can be safely and securely handed over to our baggage staff.

Your musical instrument is part of your checked-in baggage allowance, meaning if the total amount of your bags (including the muscial instrument) exceeds the maximum weight limit per passenger, excess charges will apply. The maximum weight of musical instruments we can carry is 32 kg (70 lb).

How to pack

We're happy to accept musical instruments as checked baggage, provided each piece is properly packed in a hard-shell case. While soft or polyfoam cases generally provide adequate protection for day-to-day handling, they're not well suited for air travel.

Your instrument should fit snug in its case. If there's any noticeable wiggle room, it's a good idea to fill the open space with rags, towels, or T-shirts to prevent the instrument from moving around. Mark the instrument case FRAGILE, even if it’s shaped like a musical instrument.

When a stringed instrument is transported by air, it may be exposed to dramatic changes in temperature and pressure, which can cause its headstocks to crack or snap off. To prevent possible damage, it is your responsibility to ensure that the strings are loosened so that the tension is reduced.