• As of August 3, all flights chartered by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services will depart and arrive from the Montreal-Trudeau Airport Terminal. Regular minimum check-in times will apply.
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Preparing your package

Here are a few guidelines to make sure your package arrives at its destination intact and on time.
  • Write the full name and complete address of the shipper and consignee on each box.
  • Specify any special handling requirements (cooler, freezer, fragile, etc.) on each box.
  • Make sure you have adequate inner and outer packaging to keep the enclosed item well protected.
  • Pack all perishable items carefully to maintain optimum internal temperatures at all times; Gel-packs are the recommended refrigerant for fresh fish, seafood and shellfish.
We strongly recommend that any perishables be packaged to remain at the right temperature for the entire trip. When calculating travel time, take into account the time between drop-off and loading, unloading, flight times, station stops en-route and the time pending pick-up to ensure optimal freshness upon arrival.