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Boeing 737
200C Series



112 seats

76 seats - 2 pallets

60 seats - 3 pallets

34 seats - 4 pallets

24 seats - 5 pallets

Full cargo (6 pallets)

Boeing 737 200c series


With more than 6,500 units sold worldwide, the Boeing 737 is by far the best-selling jetliner in the world. The 737-200C can carry up to as many as 112 passengers or up to 31,500 pounds of cargo. The cabin allows different configurations to accommo¬date any combination of both passengers and cargo, making it a highly versatile aircraft. This feature is further complemented by Air Inuit fleet specifications that include JT8D-17 engines for maximum type performance, a state-of-the-art avionics package, enhanced cold weather comfort and, most notably, the capacity to operate on gravel runways. Whether you are planning a mission to prospect for gold in the Canadian Arctic with 25 associates and need to transport 25,000 pounds of heavy machinery, or a trip to an exotic destination with 111 of your closest friends and colleagues, Air Inuit’s Boeing 737-200C offers a wide range of possibilities.

Capacity Section

Max. Passenger Capacity 112

Aircraft Configurations

Passengers 112 76 60 34 24 0
Main Deck Pallet Capacity 0 2 3 4 5 6

Lower Deck Capacity and Volume

Forward Cargo Compartment 5,516 lbs 370 ft3
Rear Cargo Compartment 7,480 lbs 505 ft3
Total Payload 31,500 lbs

Technical specifications

Endurance 4 h
Range with Max Payload 2,000 sm (Apprx)
Speed 497 mph
Powerplant JT8-17
Aircraft Length 100'2"
Wing Span 93'
Height Over Tail 36'10"

Operational specifications

Crew 2 pilots + flight attendants
Minimum Runway Length 5,000'
Gravel Capable Operation Yes
Maximum Altitude 37,000'

Loading specifications

Front Passenger Door 65" x 30"
Rear Passenger Door 72" x 32"
Main Deck Cargo Door 84" x 134"
Lower Deck - Forward Cargo Door 48" x 35"
Lower Deck - Rear Cargo Door 48" x 35"
Cabin Dimensions Aisle Area 86" x 139"
Cabin Dimensions Seat Area 62" x 139"
Main Deck Loading Height 8'7"
Pallet Size 108" x 88"