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Bombardier Dash-8 Combi 300 Series

45 seats

Bombardier Dash-8 Combi 300 Series - 45 seats
Bombardier Dash-8 Combi 300 Series


The Air Inuit designed Dash-8-300 45 seat “combi” expands the aircraft’s ability beyond the scope of its original “commuter” mission. By reducing the cabin seating to 45, and expanding the aft cargo hold to accommodate 4,000 pounds in a self-contained C class cargo compartment, a functional balance between passenger and cargo/baggage load for heavy industrial as well as commuter missions is achieved.

The Dash-8-300 aircraft industry standard is further complemented by Air Inuit’s fleet specification that includes: a unique cabin configuration allowing for an increased baggage and cargo volume storage capacity, the capability of a hot meal service, leather seating and cold weather adapted passenger cabin enhancements. This aircraft type operates comfortably on a 3,500-foot paved or gravel runway.

Capacity Section

Max. Passenger Capacity 45
Aircraft Configurations 45
Compartment Capacity 4,000 lbs
Total Payload 12,500 lbs
Cargo Compartment Volume 666 ft3
Cabin Dimensions Aisle Area 77" 98" 
Cabin Dimensions Seat Area 56.5" 98" 

Technical Specifications

Endurance 4 h 30
Range with Max Payload 863 sm 
Speed 320 mph
Powerplant Pratt & Whiteney PW123
Aircraft Length 84'3"
Wing Span 90'
Height Over Tail 24'7"

operational Specifications

Crew 2 pilots + flight attendant
Minimum Runway Length 3,280'
Gravel Capable Operation Yes
Maximum Altitude 25,000'

Loading specifications

  Height Width
Passenger Door 65.5" 30" 
Cargo Door 60"  50" 
Height ground to cargo door sill 3'7"