• As of August 3, all flights chartered by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services will depart and arrive from the Montreal-Trudeau Airport Terminal. Regular minimum check-in times will apply.
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Medical evacuations

Medical emergencies are no less common in remote communities than they are elsewhere. But the great distances people must travel to receive medical care and their limited means of transportation can sometimes pose serious threats to their health. That is why Air Inuit offers a medical evacuation service specially adapted to the needs of those who live and work not only in Quebec’s Nunavik region , but in other remote destinations we serve.

Air Inuit has a fleet of high-speed commuter aircraft and helicopters with specially-trained personnel to respond to medical emergencies in otherwise inaccessible areas.

For more information about our medical evacutation service, please contact our dedicated 24h dispatch at 1 800 661-8456 or send us an email: