• As of August 3, all flights chartered by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services will depart and arrive from the Montreal-Trudeau Airport Terminal. Regular minimum check-in times will apply.
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Arms and Ammunition

Air Inuit passengers, aged 18 and over, may transport firearms and ammunition, provided they observe important restrictions for obvious safety reasons.

Important reminder: Passengers traveling with firearms, ammunition or cartridges must declare such items at check-in and complete a declaration form.

Firearms and ammunitions are permitted ONLY in checked baggage and ONLY if they are:
  • Unloaded
  • Packed in a locked, opaque container or hard-sided container
  • Rendered inoperable by means of a secure locking mechanism
Ammunition must be:
  • Securely packaged separately from the firearm
  • Carried in sturdy baggage and weigh no more than 5 kg (11 lbs) per person
  • Packed in the manufacturer’s original container or equivalent
For more information about restricted items, please contact our dangerous good coordinator by calling 1 800 361-5933 or by email.