• As of August 3, all flights chartered by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services will depart and arrive from the Montreal-Trudeau Airport Terminal. Regular minimum check-in times will apply.
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Traveling with animals

Due to the possibility of allergic reactions among other passengers,
Air Inuit does not permit pets in the cabin, except for service animals needed for special-needs passengers in accordance with the law (we must be notified at least 24 hours in advance). Please note that Emotional Support Animal are not accepted.
Pets are accepted as checked baggage and are subject to the following excess baggage charges:

Live Animals Excess Baggage Charges
(effective June 1st 2013)
Charges Weight (animal & cage)
$105.00 - $114.98* Up to a maximum of 22 kg
$157.50 - $172.46* From 23 kg to 45 kg
$236.25 - $258.69* Over 45 kg (special handling required)
 *Taxes included
  • CagesOnly rigid plastic cages with a limit of one animal per cage will be accepted. Metal cages will be refused.
  • All kennels are subject to approval by Air Inuit at check-in.
  • The cage must be big enough to allow your pet to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably, as per the Health of Animals Regulations, Item 142 a). If the cage is not big enough to comply with these requirements, we will refuse transportation of the animal.
  • Air Inuit will not be responsible in the event of loss, delay, injury, sickness or death of animal accepted for carriage.
  • The number of animal accepted per flight is limited to ensure that the baggage allotment included with a flight ticket can be respected for all passengers. We therefore require that a passenger traveling with an animal declare the traveling animal upon reservation. No guarantee of available space will be confirmed by the carrier as a cage is considered as excess baggage on a space available status.
If you need to transport larger animals, please contact Air Inuit cargo services to make the necessary arrangements.