• As of August 3, all flights chartered by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services will depart and arrive from the Montreal-Trudeau Airport Terminal. Regular minimum check-in times will apply.
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Travel Agencies

Air Inuit offers travel agencies pricing, booking, ticketing and other processing services in real-time through its alliance with the GDS (Global Distribution System) providers listed below.
  • Sabre
  • Apollo
  • Worldspan
  • Amadeus

Air Inuit participates in the IATA Canada BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) which helps travel agencies facilitate and simplify selling, issuance and billing in addition to improving financial control related to ticket sales.

To register and be granted rights to issue e-tickets via BSP, please complete the Agency registration form below.

Please allow 48 hours for registration to be completed.

Air Inuit is a participating carrier in Galileo under the guaranteed ticketing and guaranteed payment products.

When completing a reservation, agencies must guarantee payment with a valid credit card before closing their file using the following format:


SSR OTHS 3H XX################


XX: Credit card code (VI, MC, AX)

Credit card number 

DD: Day

MM: Month

YY: Expiry year

NAME: Cardholder name

If the file is closed without a valid credit card number, the reservation will be denied by the reservation system or by the carrier.

Air Inuit will confirm the reservation within 24 hours of the reservation through SSR communication.

For more information about travel agency-dedicated services, please contact Air Inuit customer service.

Agency Registration Form for BSP e-ticket issuance

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Air Inuit has taken every measure to guarantee your privacy and to protect the confidential nature of the information you submit. Click here for more information on our privacy policy.

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